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Maria Menounos Hot Greek Bikini Tush

Maria Menounos is Greek.
Greek women have nice tushy’s.
Or is it that Greek men like Tushy’s?
Daily Tush always forgets the forumula, but what we never forget is how amazing Maria Menounos looks in a Bikini.
Does she look as good as Pippa Middleton?
Well, that is the thousand pound question.
We feel like Maria Menounos would be more fun in bed.
Maria, is the girl we would cheat on Pippa with because she wouldn’t let us in her tushy.
Or maybe she would?

Maria Menounos Bikini

Maria Menounos Bikini @splashnews

Maria Menounos Bikini



Maria Menounos Black Bikini @splashnews

Brooke Burns Melrose Place Tushy

We always get Brooke Burns and Brooke Burke confused.

It’s hard to remember which is which since they both have nice tushys and nice boobies.

However, we were watching the new Melrose Place this past week and we noticed a familiar tush.


Brooke Burns.

As you can see in this picture, Brooke Burns doesn’t like to wear underwear.

Lucky for us.

Brooke Burns Pictures

Brooke Burns Pictures

Taylor Swift Bikini Tush Pictures

She wears short skirts.

She wears T-Shirts.

She has a nice tush.

I want to touch it.

Wait, those aren’t the lyrics to that song.

Oh what we would do to touch and feel Taylor Swifts nice nice tushy.


What are you saying.

Beyonce has a better tush?

We don’t think so.

Taylor Swift Tushy

Taylor Swift Tushy

We Love Gisele’s Tush

You know it’s funny, most people would think that we are talking about Super Model Gisele.

Guess what?

We aren’t.

See, Gisele (the one that’s with Tom Brady) definitely has a nice tush, but we don’t think that she knows how to use it.

This girl, Gisele (the one featured) we have a feeling would not only let us touch the tush, but would pretty much let us do anything we want to it.

Though we don’t think that we could handle this Shiksa Goddess, we do know that we would love to try.

Seriously, look at her.


If you want to see some really hot pictures of her, just go right here. (Not For Work)

Or just click on her pictures!

Love Gisele

Love Gisele

Love Gisele

Love Gisele

Mary-Louise Parker pictures are tushtastic!

Daily Tush was a real big Mary-Louise Parker fan back in the day’s of Other People’s Money.

In fact, we just Tivo’ed that movie just a few days ago.

Well, it’s been over 10 years and damn, Mary Louise Parker is still smoking hot.

In fact, she is so smoking hot and so confident of herself that she actually went out and posed half naked for Esquire Magazine.

Yup, g-d knows how old she is, but seriously Mary-Louise Parker’s ass is amazingly hot.

Maybe she wasn’t out banging half of Hollywood like the other girls.

Maybe she started dating some guy who took really good care of her, kinda like how someone would treat a nice car.

Whatever she did it worked because even at her age would would tear up Mary Louise Parker‘s Tush!

Mary-Louise Parker has a nice tush

Mary-Louise Parker has a nice tush