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Tori Black Tush is Awesome

For our first post in a while, we chose a tush that really is spectacular.

Yup, Tori Black.

Now, if you don’t know who Tori Black is, then you are in for a Tushtastic Treat.

Tori, is an “adult” model who is so hot she could have been a movie star.

Lucky for Daily Tush, she decided for the former.

Yup, just search the net and you will see Tori Black in all of her glory showing her tush for everyone to see.

But, for now, just enjoy this tush right here.

Daily Tush.

Your home base.

Welcome BACK! (pun intended)

Tori Black Tush

Tori Black Tush

We Love Gisele’s Tush

You know it’s funny, most people would think that we are talking about Super Model Gisele.

Guess what?

We aren’t.

See, Gisele (the one that’s with Tom Brady) definitely has a nice tush, but we don’t think that she knows how to use it.

This girl, Gisele (the one featured) we have a feeling would not only let us touch the tush, but would pretty much let us do anything we want to it.

Though we don’t think that we could handle this Shiksa Goddess, we do know that we would love to try.

Seriously, look at her.


If you want to see some really hot pictures of her, just go right here. (Not For Work)

Or just click on her pictures!

Love Gisele

Love Gisele

Love Gisele

Love Gisele

Summer Altice a Tush to die for

If you are a Howard Stern fan then you know who Summer Altice is.

She is a smoking hot American model who once described how she was on the receiving end of a strap on worn by  some model.

Now, as hot as that is, imagine if that strap on didn’t do where it normally would go.

Imagine if you would that it went in Summer Altice’s sweet sweet tushy?

How amazing would that have been.

How much would you have paid to be that strap on?

Either way, Summer Altice is hot, has an amazing tush and loved to bang both men and women. (according to her interview)

Summer Altice pictures on Daily Tush…..enjoy!

Summer Altice Pictures on Daily Tush

Summer Altice Pictures on Daily Tush

Terrie Barr is Tushtastic!

Well, it’s been a bit since we last presented you with a tush and there is good reason for this.

Yes, we are supposed to be the Daily Tush and all, but sometimes we just need to take some time off.

That is why The daily tush is proud to present  Terrie Barr.

She is a nobody right now, but a nobody with one of the hottest tushy’s we have ever seen.

Yeah, Terrie Barr has been in Playboy and Maxim, but the one place she hasn’t visited yet is our bed.

What a shame, because if she did, we can assure you that there might not be anything left of her tush when we were done with it.

Yup, Terrie Barr is today’s Daily Tush.


***** The picture you see below is a screen sot of a website called Since we were contacted by someone claiming to be Terrie Barr, we decided to take down the original image that we had up of her.

However, we wanted to show you this other website that still has the image up. So, like we said this is an image takes on a website called The actual post can be seen here:

As we said, this is just a screenshot. (of Terrie Barr’s Amazing Tush on another website)

Terrie Bar is Tushtastic

Terrie Bar is Tushtastic

Candice Swanepoel has an Amazing Tush!

Candice Swanepoel has an Amazing Tush

We have never heard of Candice Swanepoel before in our lives.

However, we have seen her tush many many times.

Not in magazines or movies, but in our dreams.

Not sure what language Candice Swanepoel speaks, but we wonder if she understands, “hey babe, you have a great tush.”

We think she does.

Candice Swanepoel has an Amazing Tush

Candice Swanepoel has an Amazing Tush

We Know Who Diana Poth is (and we have her pictures)

We Know Who Diana Poth is (and we have her pictures)

Over here at DailyTush, we like to think that we are on top of current tushy trends.

We also love it when we discover a new tushy.

So, it comes as a pleasure when we can do both.

Today we have Diana Poth.

Most people have no idea who she is.

Does it matter that she is a figure skater and model?


The only thing that matters is this tushy.

We love it.

Diana Poth

Diana Poth

Linda Vojtova’s Czech Tushy Makes Us Insane

Linda Vojtova‘s Czech Tushy Makes Us Insane

Hot Girl?


Nice Tushy?


Name that sounds exotic?


Czech model?


This is the recipe for the most amazing tushy.

Hot European model wearing mostly nothing equals a daily tush!

Enjoy these pictures of Czech model Linda Vojtova.

Model Linda Vojtova is today's Daily Tush!

Model Linda Vojtova is today's Daily Tush!