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Dani Daniels aka Kira Sexy Tush #dailytush

Twitter can help you discover some pretty cool things including someone asking to be on your website. The very hot Dani Daniels tweeted a link to her very sexy tush today and used the hashtag #dailyTush.

Some of you may think, “So what? Plenty of people can use the term daily tush without actually thinking about”

You would normally be correct in saying that, but see, we here at Daily Tush have history with Dani Daniels, in fact we knew her back when her name was Kira and she was the hot girl behind the obama’s chocolate nuts campaign.

See Dani Daniels (or Kira) is so incredibly hot that we knew as soon as we saw her back in 2008 that she would be something special.

Check out our post from 2009

Let us know what you think of this amazing tushy.

dani daniels tush

Brooklyn Decker has a wet tush

Brooklyn Decker was smoking hot in that Adam Sandler movie and while we sometimes were debating throwing Jennifer Aniston around in a naked Jello wrestling match, we wouldn’t kick Brooklyn Decker out of the bedroom anytime soon.

This chick is fine, young and hot and most important to this conversation has not been used up by Brad Pitt.

Just take a look at this hot picture of Brooklyn Decker.

She looks like she would swallow you whole and then spit out your spine as if it were a sardine like in those cartoons and believe it or not DailyTush is ok with that.

We would even go as far as saying that she is the hottest girl in any Adam Sandler movie of all time.

What do you think?


Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker

Krislyn Gonzalez has a blazing ASU tush

Been off the tushy radar for the Jewish holidays and bam, when we came back we realized why sometimes staying within the tribe is not recommended.

Krislyn Gonzalez has us thinking some dirty thoughts and right after Yom Kippur, our mom would not be happy.

Not sure if she is Mexican or Puerto Rican, but this girl can call us Pappi all night long as she sings the Latino national anthem La Cucaracha.

Enjoy these Krislyn Gonzalez pictures because we have a feeling she has a boyfriend and he’s not gonna be happy that we are putting his girl on blast in a bikini for the world to see, but this is the internet and we should be able to post as many pictures as we want.

So, enjoy this amazing college girl’s tushy and keep checking back for more, if you want to see some extra hot pictures of Krislyn then check out Tempe12.

krislyn gonzalez bikini pictures

krislyn gonzalez bikini pictures

Kim Kardashian Armenian Tushy Pictures

Yes !

Daily Tush is back with one of the greatest tush’s of all time.

Kim Kardashian.

Seriously, we must honor, love and obey this tush before it goes the way of Pam Anderson.

Enjoy these Kim Kardashian Pictures.

Kim Kardashian blue butt

Kim Kardashian blue butt

Kim Kardashian blue dress front

Kim Kardashian blue dress front


Pippa Middleton Topless Bikini Tushy (Uncensored)

A few days ago, we posted a picture of Pippa Middleton and her fabulous tushy.

Apparently there are some topless pictures of this royal in law and DailyTush has them.

If you happen to be coming from then welcome and we urge you to keep visiting this website as we will be updating it with fresh content from now on after taking a break for a few months.

Anyway, the picture below of Pippa Middleton is censored, to see the uncensored picture, just click here —

Pippa Middleton Uncensored Topless Pictures (NSFW)

pippa middleton topless bikini pictures

pippa middleton topless bikini pictures

Denise Richards Milf in Bikini

It’s been a while since we wrote about Denise Richards, but after the whole Charlie Sheen thing Daily Tush decided to revisit.
First a quick note, we cropped the picture, because while staring at Denise Richards’ Ass, we didn’t want her daughter in the picture.
There are some lines we won’t cross.
However, speaking of Denise Richards’ ass, we must discuss how amazing it still looks even considering her advanced age.
So, let’s just marvel at this feat of nature.
Enjoy these pictures of Denise Richards in a bikini.

denise richards bikini

denise richards bikini @splashnews

Eva Longoria Cinco De Mayo Celebration

Eva Longoria is part of the daily Tush’s Cinco De Mayo celebration.

Yes, that’s right, while we are not even sure if Eva Longoria is  mexican, her name sure sounds like it, so who cares!

Oh yeah, her tush also looks like a sweet pinata, if by pinata you mean amazing ass.

Trust us, if we got a hold of her, those pants wouldn’t be so white if you know what we mean.(and trust us, we don’t)

So, Viva la Mexico, and Viva Los Eva Longoria.

Eva Longoria white pants pictures

Eva Longoria white pants pictures @splashnews